Porsche to be a Partner of “Kortezh” Program.

Porsche to be a Partner of “Kortezh” Program

The LEADING PERSONS of the Country Expressed Their Wish To Have Not Comfortable Cars But Also Russian Ones. Naturally, it is unlikely that someone woold drive a gaz 3110 or Lada Largus. The Car Carrying the Head of State Simply Needs to Match The Importance and Position of the Person Being Transported.

The minister of Industry and Trade of Russia Denis Manturov Informs that Earlier Its Offhed to Develop An Offroad Car for President on the Base of Uaz. Sollers Has Been Put in Charge of Production of the Multivan.

Porsche Has Agreed to Contribute Its Share to the Development of the Kortezh Cars. According to this Project Will Create a Personal Vehicle for Top Officials, Made in Russia. German Manaufacturr Adapts Cars to Conditions

Manturov Notes that Porsche Engineering Will Act as the Engineering Integrator of the Project. Initially he was involved in the evaluation of most of the project Processes, and the latter Its Decided that He Would Be Involved as an Integrator.

By 2018 The Project “Kortezh” is Planned to Bring to the Mass Production of Domestic Cars for Important Persons of the State. In Addition to Specialized Cars, The Project Will Also Include Suv and Minivan, Which Areated on the Same Platform, But for a More Mass Production. The Average Market Price for these Cars Will Not Be Less than 2.000,000 Rubles.

Marussia Motors, Headed by Nikolai Fomenko, Recently Ceated to Exist. And Earlier There Was Information that this Company Will Produce Limousines.

The Employeees Were Fireed with Pay for The Last 2 Months. SOME Part of Qualified Employees Deceded to Move to the Central Scientific and Research Automobile and Automotive Institute (Nami). According to Some Reports, Nikolai Fomenko, The Founder of Marussia Motors, Had Some Disagreements with the Kortezh Project, and Private Investments Have Not Been ForthComing Sinse Laver.

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