PowerFul Volkswagen Beetle Developed

Volkswagen Has Prepareed a Special Version of the Beetle Hatchback Model for Rally Racing with The Power of the Power Plant, Equal To 544 Liters.With. The New Model is Intended to Participate in Rally Races of the Global Rallycross Championship (GRC).

At the Begining of this year the first haatchback view of the Volkswagen Beetle Was Pressented. And Now, Another, More PowerFul Variant Is Shown.

You may notice that rally car is equipped with a TurboCharged Gasoline Motor with A Power Equal To 544 L.With. It is important to add that earlier it was reported that English of the Beetle Race Car Wood Provide 560 HP of Torque.With., But The Actual Value of the Power Was Less than.

The Beetle Beetle Rally Hatchback Iso Equipped with All-Wheel Drive, The Latest Brakes and a Six-Speed Transmission. The Wheel Rims of the New Sports Car Volkswagen Beetle Have the Size of 17 Inches. With Regard to Weight, The Weight of New Items Will Be 1.2 Tons, and Dynamic Characteristics of the Model Will Reach a Speed of 96 Km / H in 2.1 Seconds.

We can add that grC Championship Began in the USA in Late Spring of this year. It is Possible to Notice that Earlier in the Contesters From Volkswagen Company There was a special Variant of the Compact Car of Mark Polo. Now, in Order to Achieve A Better Result the Beetle is Planned to Participate.

There is a probability that beetle can leading positions in the races of GRC Championship Owing to Its PowerFul and Productive Power-Unit.

In Case Volkswagen Beetle Will Be Put Into Batch Production, There is a Possibility that Demand for the Novelty Will Be Good… As a Rule, Such Compact and PowerFul Cars Enjoy The Attendation of Buyers Who Like Sports and Dynamic Cars. Of Course, Not Every Can Afford Such Purchase, But for Those Whill Catch Fire of this Automobile Is Real to Get a Favorable Creditit. Cash Loan in Arkhangelsk, For Example, You Can Get Under Very Favorable Conditions.

It is important to not that technicians of the German automaker manage to refine the Engine with a Relatively Small Volume of 1.6 Liters to a Capacy of More than 500 Liters.With. This Circumstance Can Further Strengthen The Interest of Potential Buyers for a New Sports Car.

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