Presenting Skoda Fabia Combi

Almost a year ago, the new Varieta Skoda Fabia Combi was submitted to the court of spectators and specialists, becoming a real opening of a car dealership in Geneva.

The novelty immediately attracted attention, as in due time the other pride of the company – Skoda a5. Still, a completely updated salon, in which the developers included completely new materials, became more comfortable. Yes, and the variety of color solutions of the color of the car body made it possible to see it from a new angle – how many colors, so many moods ..

Each colver gives the model its own, amazing spirit of individuality, and the novelty will definitely become “its own” for a housewife, and for a self -confident business lady, and for a respectable official – everyone will choose their own version ..

A wider bumper that gives the machine an additional solidity, and a very elegant radiator grate, and a visor in a “new solution” can be considered a wider design of the updated Skoda. As for the foglight headlights, their current “view” on the world is sustained very stylish and spectacular. So the designers tried to fame – the car turned out to be really original and very interesting. And finally, the “increase” in the length of the model is as many as 8 millimeters. A little, but the appearance has changed.

In addition to the advanced appearance, the new Skoda is equipped with an interesting line of engines, and a turbocharged engine was a good complement to the choice. You can purchase a “simpler” motor – for sixty -three kilowatts, or you can – and more powerful – for seventy -seven. A matter of taste and habits. Lovers of diesel units will think so when choosing between 1.6 TDI CR with four cylinders and 1.2 TDI CR. Either stop at 1.6 TDI CR. By the way, the defenders of nature will surely delight the soot filter, which not only reduces emissions into the environment, but also fully complies with the environmental requirements adopted in Europe.

So Skoda Fabia Combi is not just a novelty that pleases the eye and soul, but also a real confirmation that a powerful car may well be environmentally friendly and very comfortable.

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