profitable business.

Today, everything that is connected with cars causes not only interest, both in men and women, but also makes it possible to make good money. The opening of your own car service or a store for the sale of spare parts can promise good ladies, which you can afford to buy Orient watches. Car wash services are also in great demand. It can be opened both separately and as part of the maintenance station. But it is precisely the car wash that the largest number of bureaucratic delays is connected with. To obtain permission to open it and functioning, you need to run to different authorities. It happens that it takes more than one month and even one year.You need to write a large number of letters to a variety of state bodies. How much can many people know from them very well. In principle, the necessary preparatory procedures can be done independently, but, as already mentioned, you can wait for a positive solution for a very, very long time. Plus, you need to correctly draw up all the documents to this. And often this cannot be done without outside help. Therefore, in order to minimize problems, you can order the approval of a car wash in the Bureau of Project Agreement. There are professionals who have already opened a single such institution and clearly know where and what documents should be submitted. Rospotrebnadzor, the Ministry of Emergencies, and Vodokanal have increased attention to car wash. And the mass of others. If something is not designed according to the rules, and will also begin to work in such a mode, then you can not do without serious sanctions. And you need to start everything with a request that you want to open a car wash.

Suppose that it was received. But then the most difficult begins. It is necessary to approve the sketch in the above departments. They watch fire safety and environmental, and, in general, the possibility of placing a car wash in this territory. The land is now expensive in large cities, so you need to think about competitors all the time. Therefore, you can get a refusal. But, if everything went well, and the sketch was approved, then you can begin design. Here, too, you need to look for an organization that has all the permissions and tolerances. And most importantly, she has experience in this matter. So that later you do not have to start everything in a new one, because of a poorly worked project. So that such situations do not arise, people turn to the Bureau of Project Consentations.

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