Refrigerator Hundai HD 78 – maneuverability and reliability.

Hundaihd78 refrigerator perfectly combines urban compactness, comfort, unpretentiousness to operating conditions, a high level of security. The car belongs to the class of freight trucks performing tasks that are associated with suburban and city cargo transportation.

Hyundai refrigerator HD78 – just the perfect car for transportation. The car can be called a hit of Hyundai models. Automobil has excellent maneuverability, adaptation to the climatic conditions of Russia and the state of Russian roads. In addition, the machine is easy to operate and has a very high degree of endurance. The fuel system is perfectly adapted for domestic fuel. The standard configuration of the Korean refrigerator is installed by heating the fuel system collector specifically for cold climate, this is very important for the engine in winter.

Excellent performance at a minimum of costs is the most accurate characteristic of the Hundaihd78 refrigerator.

Comfort of the driver’s work is provided by modern air conditioning systems and high-quality noise and vibro insulation. The cabin is set on a frame with rubber pillows to ensure a minimum level of oscillations comparable to the level of oscillations in a passenger car. Auxiliary hydraulic devices and ABS system contribute to the safety and comfort of driving. Reliable and hard spring suspension allows the car to move well on any road surface.

Car production is carried out on the basis of two chassis – with a long (3.735m.) and short (2.78m.) the wheelbase.  And a long and short chassis can carry a variety of types of bodies. A turbodiesel power unit has a volume of 3907 cm3, power- 140 l/s in the refrigerator. The motor is exceptional unpretentiousness and reliability. The torque and engine power provide excellent maneuverability in the slow city flow of transport, as well as good speed along suburban routes. Korean assembly, increased carrying capacity, reliable engine, design strength and wonderful equipment provide greater use possibilities.

Hundaihd78 refrigerator – an excellent solution for commercial transportation in urban conditions and along the intercity routes.

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