Renault Car. Before the Trip

7 April, 2012 | 17:33

ABS or Anti -Boom System, On the Renault 3 Formula.5 No. But at the village, you can limit the slip on Which The Engine Will “Hang”, Even if the Gas Pedal Is Drowned Into the Floor. Position Number 6 IS 8500 RPM, Number 1 – 6250 RPM, But in General The Motor is Spinning up to 9500 RPM. Having Taken Its Place on the Starting Grill, The Pilot Squeezes The Clutch with The Lower Steel Lever, The Top Right Turns On the First Gear. NEXT is the Full Gas, and As Soon as the Lights of the Starting Traffic Light Go Out, It Remains to Release the Clutch. In How You do it, is the Secret of a Good Start, and The Launch-Limiter Allows You to Concentrate On Without “Playing” GAS. In the Headphones – The Calm Voice of Benois Dupon, An Engineer of the Renault Formula: “I Remembered? Squeeze The Clutch, Put Up To 5000 – 5500 RPM and VERY SMOOTHLY RELEASE THE CLUTCH LEVER “. And Adds: “Take Care of the Car, We Havy One for Now now…”New Formula Renault 3.5 – The Young Lady IS Fragile and Finy. Bringing it is a Whole Story. Under the Hood (Namely, the “Formulas” is the name of the carbon fence Shell Covering the Motor) – from now on the v8 unit Against the Same working volume of 3.5 Liters. BUT IF Earlier It Was A Standard Nissan VQ35 Motor Forced UP TO 480 Liters.With., that Now – A Specially Creed Zytek Unit for Racing. IT Can Be Launched Only After Pre -Warming the Coolant (Deionized Water with Special Additive) Up To 50 Degrees. Otherwise, Cosworth Electronics Will Simply Not Give the Go -ahead to Start! IF YOU NEED HIGH -QALYTY, THE HIGH -CLASS Experts Will Carry Out Repairs in a Short Time and at Optimal PRICES. BUT HEATING with A SPECIAL UNIT – A Box on Wheels Connecting to the Cooling System Through Hoses with Quick -detachable Connectors – Only The Beginning of the Starting Pro -Procedure. After all, since this year, The Formula Renault 3.5 No… Starter and Battle! The Role of the Latter Is Played by a Small Block of Supercondensers, Which, With the Engine Turned Off, Is Enough to Power The Drive ON THE STEERING WHEEL FOR FIR FIR FIRA FIRA FIRA FIRA FIRA FIRA FIRA FIRA FIR FIR FIRA. And in the Role of the Starter – A Mechanic with a Huge Either a Chainsaw or A Lawn Mower, A Meter Shankh He Inserts Into a Gearbox, Scrolling at the Engine. FIRST – “Cold” Soel Pressure Rice to One Bar. And that, AFTER Another Mechanic Pumps Compressed Air Into the Battle of the Transmission and Clautch Drive Pneumatic System, Alread for Starting. This Young Lady Loves When Several People Dance Around Her!

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