Replacing candles with VAZ 2106.

Replacing candles with VAZ 2106

Any car owner wants to keep it in a good and efficient state as long as possible. Therefore, drivers do not spare money, effort and time in order to properly serve and repair their cars in time.

Everyone knows that the heart of any machine is its engine. And for the stable operation of the engine, three main systems are important – the power system (the flow of a mixture of gasoline and air into the engine crankcase), the ignition system (ignition of the working mixture during the back of the motor), as well as the exhaust gas production system. And despite all its banality, the ignition system is much more important than you think. It is about her that we will lead our conversation.

The most important detail in any ignition system is a candle. A candle is a special element that creates a spark at a certain moment of the piston movement in the cylinder so that the combustible mixture is ignited, and the engine continues its work. And it is precisely the quality of the applied suppositories that the quality of the motor work depends. If your engine does not develop maximum power and does not gain momentum, it may well be that the reason for this is the failed candle or candle.

To determine whether the candle is working properly or not, it is enough to turn it out of the engine and carefully examine it. If the soot on the candle is black, with elements of soot or oil, then it works incorrectly. This may be due to the poor condition of the candle or the incorrect installation of the ignition force, which is characteristic of VAZ 2106 cars and many other domestic cars. Ideally, the soot should be gray or brown – brick color, it indicates the complete serviceability of the motor.

If you decide to change the candles in the VAZ 2106, then remember that the candles should be used only the brand indicated in the operating instructions. Before installing on the car, it is recommended to check the high pressure on the apparatus to make sure of their quality. It will also be useful to adjust the gap between the electrodes in accordance with the instructions.

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