Riming behind the wheel.

The problem is often when a person is driving a wheel. More often there is the fact that the passenger is motionless and it is in the car. There are many opinions on this issue, but the problem exists. People say completely different things. Rocking herself because the driver is going quickly. But this is optional. There are opinions that the driver of the car sharply slows down or sharply turns. But when everyone drives by car, you will not want to weave by public transport. I want to buy myself a car. But it will not be very pleasant at the exit if a person, having bought a car for himself, will give or sell it to a relative.According to experts, if there is such a problem, then it is necessary to identify its root cause. Often, people, especially women complain that before this was not there. And earlier this refers to the period before childbirth. Indeed, at the time of childbirth there is a serious restructuring of the whole organism in general. For this reason, changes in the vestibular apparatus are taking place. And these changes will be observed not only in the impossibility of easily transferred the road on a passenger car. We must pay attention to other facts and projects of houses with an attic, especially when you go to the park with your child. With violations and all kinds of restructuring the body, the vestibular apparatus will make itself felt. The park will no longer be able to ride on carousels and swings, such as a rook or boat. There will be poor health, vomiting will appear. The same is observed in the car of the car. Friends and acquaintances can make fun of that you are pregnant, so more and more sick behind the wheel. First of all, you should not get behind the wheel. There is nothing to do or drink pills. Secondly, you need to sit in the back seat.

In this case, the driver must go more carefully and harder. There are many interesting ways, such as a tablet for a tongue or dried peonies on a panel in a machine. But all this is in vain. There is an opportunity for those who doubt whether such a problem really exists in this case, to pass a test and clarify the presence or absence of changes in the vestibular apparatus. The essence of this test is to view the white screen. There will quietly swim white and black flat. If when you slowly watch your head can’t stand it and gives a failure, then you need to carry a plastic bag with you. It is not recommended to eat fat and meat at night. You should refrain from taking sweet food in the morning before the trip.

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