Secondary car market: Features of the solution on it “Transport question”.

Is it true that the used cars are a priori of low quality? Does the truth correspond to the statement that moving to them is more expensive? Everything is very relative here. Some drivers demonstrate the miracles of driving and on the “viewing” car “. Others “kill” even a brand new foreign car in just 1-2 years. A lot depends on a particular driver – the timeliness of the undergoing technical inspections, the intensity of operation of the rolling stock, the regularity of the change of motor oil.

The figures of official statistics indicate: more than a third of all cars running along the country’s roads are purchased in the used market. Viewing reviews about Suzuki SX4, Ford Mondeo, Volkswagen Passat or Toyota Ansis, it is easy to make sure: for a relatively small amount it is possible to really purchase a car in a decent state, which is still capable of a lot. But this is in theory. In practice, it turns out that choosing a suitable car is not an easy task. The very process of solving the “transport question” on the “secondary” is very reminiscent of the game in the Russian roulette. No one knows in advance, a good car for a small price is put up for sale or outright junk, scrap metal on wheels, in which it is still necessary to invest a lot of money.

Before making independent purchases, it makes sense to analyze the reviews about Citroen C4, Subaru Grand Vitara or Renault Sando, placed by “visited” drivers. On the pages of specialized virtual sites, drivers are divided by tips on how not to get into a simpleton when making a purchase, which must be paid attention to (taking into account the features of a particular model) during a pre -sale inspection.

It is better to come to inspect the vehicle to be inspecting the car before buying with a more experienced comrade. Believe the word to the seller that “the car is in perfect condition and has never been in an accident”, is not worth. Defects are very often hidden under a layer of paint – the option is optimal when an inspection of the vehicle is carried out using diagnostic equipment. So it is possible to get answers to all questions regarding the state of the machine – depending on the results of the objective study, the cost parameters of the lot for sale also change.

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