Servers based on modern KVM technology: rental advantages

When choosing hosting for your project, it is important to pay attention not only to its characteristics, but also to the range of services provided, administrative support and infrastructure reliability. PQ.Hosting uses the latest generation equipment developed by well-known manufacturers. This guarantees the smooth and efficient operation of the kali linux vps server.

Main advantages

The servers offered by PQ.Hosting are based on modern KVM technology. This ensures a high level of data isolation and security. The company’s administrators are always ready to help and provide round-the-clock technical support and administration. Experienced specialists are always ready to help with server setup and support. If there is a need to transfer one project from one server to another, the company’s employees will be happy to do this completely free of charge. Experienced specialists will ensure secure and fast data transfer without downtime or loss of information.

The presented servers operate on ports with a speed of 1 Gbps, which ensures the fastest loading of your sites and applications. Thanks to this, projects will load almost instantly.

Thus, by choosing shared hosting with Kali Linux, you get a reliable, fast and scalable solution for your project. An experienced, qualified team is ready to support you at every stage of work, ensuring stable and secure operation of the server.

Additional services provided

PQ.Hosting also provides additional services. For example, users can access a dedicated server with flexible configuration and powerful resources for your project. You can also use a virtual server with various tariffs, starting from 10 rubles per month, to effectively host your projects. The company allows you to get the opportunity to host and manage RUST game servers for your community or project. Shared hosting providers typically provide high security for the server and data, including regular updates and monitoring for protection against malware and attacks. Shared hosting providers usually have experienced specialists who can help you with setting up and optimizing your server, as well as provide advice on improving the performance and security of your website.

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