The berry again. We figure out why Toyota GT86 is becoming more and more popular.

Rarely what 5-8-year-old car is the success of the novelty. Of course, there are used bestsellers, like BMW E38, Mercedes W140, Audi A8. This is an eternal classic that was and will be in fashion. But take, for example, the segment of youth cars. There are their long -livers there, but the vast majority of them, although they go very well, already looks obviously not fresh. But we have one option.

In 2010, a very interesting concept from Toyota was presented – FT86. Many liked him, but few took a small car seriously, assuming that this next fantasy of the Japanese would remain in the archives. Few people thought that it would be possible to buy Toyota discs with sports tires and go on this car for the track. But the car went into the series and pleases us. And, given the abundance of tuning packets and individual elements, we can assume that it will not cease to please even in the foreseeable future.

Serial car has become even better than a concept. The overall dimensions have changed in the larger way. Under the hood, a 2 liter atmospheric motor for 200 horsepower was installed with power transmission through an automatic Japanese production gearbox. There, by the way, there is a very successfully rebuilt sports regime, which not only allows you to more actively “twist” the engine, but also more efficiently pass turns and use braking by the engine.

The design developed together with Subaru is still fresh and relevant. A compartment with a purely Japanese appearance immediately attracts attention. Swift lines, sharp outlines of headlights and smooth transitions on the body, drawn 5 years ago, it seems, they posted designers to our time at the time of the creation of sketches. So everything looks relevant.

The rear -wheel drive adds the drive and the already perfectly rebuilt car. A model with minimal improvements is actively used at drift competitions and amateur ring races.

Toyota managed to create a long -playing sports car, which, along with the famous Sylvia, Skyline or GRT, will be successfully sold in the secondary market for many years.

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