The Maserati Levante Model Will Be Closely Related to Quattroporte

Special Insider Exclusive Information That The Publication Called “Autocar” Has Gotten that Maserati Levante Brand Crossover Will Connected This “Ghit”. From these vehicles, The Crossover Will Borrow Part of the Base of the Body, As Well as Several Power Units with -Eight -Speed Box – “Automatic”.

An Ambigouus Sitation Arose with the Car Chassis. SOME PARTS Will Be Taken from the Car of the Jeep Grand Cherokee Brand. .

Under the Hood of the New Modern “Levante”, Three Turbo Engineers Will BE Installed to Choose From: 3 Liters V6 Gasoline V6 and Capacy of 410 Liters.With., as well as v8 with a volume of 3.8 Liters (530 Liters.With.) and a 3 Liter Diesel Engine and Power of 275 Liters.With. In Addition, Italians Also Promise that Interior of Such A Suv Will Be Less Chic That New “Quattroporte”. Intersting Information ABOUT THE VERY PLACE OF Production of the CAR WAS ALSO Followed by the Link. Initially, Its Assumed that “Levante” Woon Gather in the City of Detroit at A Factory Called “Jefferson North”, Next to “Grand Cherokee”.

However, The Very Great Demand for “Jeep” DID not Leave the Necessary Capacities for the Levante Car. According to the Head of the “Maserati” Harald Wester, A SUV Called “Levante” Will Most Likely Be Produed in Italy. However, The Car Will Not Be on the Conveyor Along with “Quattroporte” and “Ghibli”, The Assembly of Which is Made Near the City of Turin. The Site is Still Being Chosen, and The Levante Market Will Most Likely Be Released in the First Half of 2015.

The Appe, Levante Will Still Be Adjusted, But Insiders Already Promise that We Can See Car Very Muscular. To Rouchly Imagine the Final Result, You Need to Navigate the Mixture “Cayenne” and “X6”. Newcomers from Italy with these Cars Will Try to Fight.

The Concept of the 2011 Maserati Kubang Brand, Which is the Prototype of the Future “Levante”, Was Built on the Platform “Grand Cherokee”. BUT in The Serial Model, Such a Borrowing Will Not Be Direct – The Serial Chassis Will Be Finalized Specifically for the New Crossover “Maserati”.

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