There will be no air conditioner in the basic equipment of Peugeot 301

PEUGEOT representatives have already reported when the company will enter the game on the Russian budget authorship: selling an affordable model Peugeot 301 starts with us from May 13. Recently some details have appeared regarding the equipment of this French new product.

As expected a little earlier, the line of power plants Peugeot 301 will be borrowed from a platform colleague-Citroen C-Yelysee car. So, the basic engine for the sedan is a gasoline “atmospheric” with a liter of 1.2 liters with an output of only 72 liters.With. -The S-Slysee model with a similar unit to the first “hundred” accelerates in 14.2 seconds.

A 1.6 liter motor with a capacity of about 115 liters will act as a top engine.With. In a couple to it, except for “mechanics”, an automatic transmission will also be available – in all likelihood a four -speed. True, it should be noted that, unlike Citroen C-C-Yelysee, Peugeot 301, it will be offered with a 1.6 liter diesel installation, which will provide a power of 92 “horse” and will be able to disperse the car to the first mark of 100 km/h about 11 , 2 seconds.

On the territory of our country, the car will be proposed in three configuration options: Allure, Access and Active. What will happen in these trim levels is not yet known, but in Ukraine there is already information about this, and it can be assumed that most likely, the equipment of a car for a neighboring country will not be much different from ours.

So, in particular, the standard Peugeot 301 may well get only one pillow of safety, audio training, front electric windows, wheel drives with a dimension of 15 inches, as well as an electric amplifier of the steering mechanism. At the same time, another pillow, the option of heating the seats, the system for inhibition, as well as the air conditioning will be available in a more expensive version – Active. Well, the top equipment, among other things, will include two more pillows, audio complex, leather finish of the gearbox and wheel wheels in size of 16 inches.

The cost of the novelty for the market of the Russian Federation is not yet known. However, it can be assumed that a car with standard equipment will cost in the range of 450-460 thousand. rubles. Recall that at the moment, for the most affordable Citroen C-Yelysee, we are asking for about 455 thousand. rubles.

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