Tuning package for Lexus NX SUV

The tuning company from Japan Wald International announced a new improvement package that will help improve Lexus NX SUV. The new package also includes specially changed front headlights, as well as the rear lights. In addition, the new package includes an aerodynamic body kit and black wheel discs.

According to the available information, the aerodynamic body kit consists of the front bumper, which provides a black spitter, a changed rear bumper, black wheeled arches, side linings of the body and the rear spoiler of a small size. You can notice that there is no accurate information about whether the installation of a tuning package implies the finalization of the interior of the SUV interior or not.

According to experts, the Lexus NX car after tuning has a rear bumper, on which a special section with repeaters of stop-signals appeared. It is important to note that the package of improvements from Wald International does not provide for the modernization of the power unit.

As for the purchase, the new set for tuning has the opportunity to order Lexus NX for different versions of the prestigious SUV. It can be noted that this Japanese car is sold with an atmospheric engine of two liters and a capacity of 150 liters.With., as well as a turbocharged engine with a capacity of 238 liters.With. also two liters volume. In addition to ICE, this model is also produced with a hybrid power plant, the power of which reaches 197 liters.With.

It is important to supplement that earlier this prestigious Japanese SUV was finalized by a specialized factory tuning studio of the automaker. In addition, TRD tuning company also worked on improving the car.

As for the standard Lexus NX model, it was shown in mid -spring of this year. Russian motorists got the opportunity to purchase this car at the end of the summer of 2014. Also, everyone has the opportunity to glue the car with a matte film, which will give it individuality. It can be assumed that the finalization package proposed by Wald International will increase the dynamic characteristics of the popular Japanese prestigious SUV. Due to relatively small sizes, this car can be in good demand among residents of megacities in different countries of the world.

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