Varieties of semi -trailers.

Today, the sale of semi-trailers is carried out quite actively. Semi -trailers, the price of which can differ strikingly, depending on their condition and purpose are sold by various companies and manufacturers. Often semi -trailers are distinguished by the difference in the organization of the sides, the number of support axes, carrying capacity, and the volume of space from the inside. Suspension is possible for spring or pneumatic. The semi -trailers of the single -axle are mainly designed for loads not heavier than 12 tons, while dioecious withstand more doubly a large load, multi -axial over 60 tons.The design with a low frame has convenience in that it facilitates loading. It is worth noting that the designs of the Russian release are no worse than foreign analogues. In length, they are usually approximately 15 meters, and outside they are equipped not only with ordinary lanterns, but also by special light dimensions.

As intended, semi -trailers are distributed to truck, on -board, curtain and refrigerators. For example, some varieties are equipped with additional accessories (hydraulic, removed from the inside with a frame, swing doors from behind). Semi -trailers on -board, are used mainly for the transportation of metal and building materials. Curtain trailers are convenient for transporting products, furniture, computer and household appliances, etc. D.

Semi -trailers have recently been equipped with strong synthetic awnings. Thanks to the quality of these tents, it became possible to abandon different sides in tents devices. The role of the support here is played by metal support beams, although they can also be made of wood, and the tent material is fixed with special locks. This towerful material is not inferior to the classical side in strength. The roof of the semi -trailer is made of durable and light material (soft or hard). There are also options with a harlot roof, which is compactly folded, so it is possible to load on top.

In the case when the surrounding temperature can affect the load and it should be protected from temperature fluctuations, it is necessary to pay attention to isothermal vans or refrigerators. Since for most products a certain temperature is needed for, for example, no more than +12 degrees, which can be provided by a refrigerator, which constantly maintains the necessary temperature (operates on its own power source). So, as we see there are several options, but which semi -trailer to buy, new or used you decide on the basis of your needs and capabilities.

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