We remove deep scratches from the car

Many car owners are faced with a problem such as the appearance of scratches on the back of the car.

Many car owners are faced with a problem such as the appearance of scratches on the back of the car. Seeing a Carpine on his Iron Comrade, almost every car owner seeks to get rid of it as soon as possible. Let’s look at a certain algorithm of actions that will help remove scratches by car.

Corrosion. First of all, it is important to understand for yourself that with the removal of scratches it is not advisable to delay, since when scratches the machine may affect corrosion. For the rapid removal of scratches, it is not necessary to contact a car repair shop. It is possible to remove scratches on their own using special colors. Often, such paints are sold in a bottle and contain a brush, which noticeably facilitates work to remove scratches.

Stages of preparation and the return of the car to the former. Preparation of the surface of the machine for the removal of scratches to divide into several peculiar stages.

The presence of rust. Before making scratches by car, look at the surface. If rust has already formed on it, first you need to remove it. An excellent assistant in this case is sandpaper. After removal of rust, the surface should be thrown. For this procedure, it is recommended to use a two -component putty.

Problems after applying putty. It happens that after the putty dries on the surface there are disadvantages. To remove them, take sandpaper again, but only two types: coarse -grained and fine -grained. These types of paper are able to return a flat surface.

Priming primer. Upon completion of work with putty and alignment (if required), you should take up the primer. The primer is applied using a tampon or brush.

Waterproof and water. When the primer dries, it is necessary to give the surface of a flat state. A waterproof skin and water will come to the rescue.

Speeding the surface. This stage is produced before applying paint to the surface of the machine. Next, the selected paint itself is applied. After the paint dries, the car can be varnished.

The described stages are an approximate list of necessary and important actions to remove deep scratches by car. Adhering to the rules of removal, you can quickly and easily get rid of unwanted scratches. Give your car a new life.

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