What is the help of the car coder?

Today there is a car in almost every family, and in some – even a few. At the same time, the risk of getting into an emergency on the road is very great. To ensure a guarantee of compensation for the injured party, they introduced a requirement for OSAGO (compulsory civil liability insurance of the driver). But often only an auto logist will help to get the required funds.

The main aspects of his activities

Most of the insurance companies significantly underestimate the amounts of payments under compulsory motor liability insurance. This is due to the high degree of loss of this business. Nevertheless, every client, in the event of a case in which compensation under such agreements is entitled, has the right to dispute the decision of the value commission. For this, an auto logist is involved, who will advise which independent organization to contact, draw up a correct application for an insurance company, if necessary will bring the case to court.

But first things first. To begin with, the autoist will make an appointment at which he will roughly evaluate damage to the car based on his experience. Further, he will be present at the independent assessment of the car, help the client outline all the events of the accident correctly. This will put up as close to the real amount of damage as close as possible.

Then, by proxy, he will represent the interests of the injured party when communicating with the insurance company. At this stage, about 70% of disputes are safely allowed. If this did not happen, the statement of claim to the court and the very process of establishing the truth are followed. As a rule, a competent approach allows the authorized body to prove the correctness of the victim in an accident.

By decision of the court, the insurance company will be obliged not only to pay for the damage, but also the penalty, lawyer services and other expenses related to the case. Thus, referring to a specialist in the legal sphere, you do not lose anything, but acquire the opportunity to get a compensation that will cover all the costs of restoration work.

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