Chery Amulet 2014

China Is Torn to the Car Market Again. Chinese Car Company Chery Introdued One of the Most Popular Models of Its Brand – The New Amulet. The Release of New Items Will Begin in 2014. Cheyamuleto Complandical Chinese Car in Russian Auto Markets. Who is this car so popular? Because The Model Is Very Roomy, While a Relatively Attractive Appeairance, Well, And of Course, The Price of a Car, Namely This Car is Simply to Peoleble to People.You can also use Cargo Transportation by Road.

Its Appearant Is Similar to the Appension of the Famous Hyundaaccent. This is all the same Five -Door Car, it can be considered a sedan, but the chinese claim that is an elevator. The Key Ability of the Appe, Will Attract a Certain Choice of the Buyer, of Course, Chereamulet 2014.

CHERYAMULET HAS A Rather Pleasant Overall Dimensions for Its Car, Namely: Its Length Was 4393 MM, Whidth is 1682 MM, and Height of 1424 MM. AVAILABLE WHEEL Equipment is the size of 185 \ 60 R14.

The Interior of the Novelty Has Not Changed Much, It is the Same Chinese Car that Has a Very Simple Control of Each Function. Perhaps this is the Whole Secret of the Chinese Car, in Its Simplicity. Notes Elderly Person Wants to Ride in the Lada, But the Choice of the Chinese Amulet, Obviously, Will Be More Correct. BUT, UNFORTUNATELY, The Engineers Put Very Inconsistent Seats in this Car, and Now the Driver and His Passengers May Feel a Certain Laccock of Comfort. Despite Their Beauty, They Are not Convenent Precisly in Their Size and Quality. Only Two Passengers Will Feel Comfortable Behind, and Not Three, and the Car Is Intended for Five People. The Amulet Was Equipped with Air Conditioning, A Hydraulic System and Electrical Lifting, Perhaps this is All the Comfort to the Chinese US.

The Engine Was the Amulet from Mitsubishi, According to the Chinese on License Bases, The Engine Volume Is 1.6 Liters, and it Gives Out 94 Liters.With. Its Maximum Speed is Limited to 170 KM \ H.

The Price of the Novelty in Russia Will Start From 215,000 Rubles.

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