Chery Tiggo.

EVEN WHEN THE FIRST MODELS WERE RELEASSED, Cher’s Tiggo Cars Were Successful, TheFore, from Subsequent Generations, Someting New and Intersting Shoupe Expecteded. BUT MANY ANALYSTS WERE SKEPTICAL of this, Saying that it is not be possible to repeat the same Success. However, The New Model Came Out Very Good and Was Recognized as the Best Among Cars with A Sedan Body in this class. That is who, if you want to purchase a car, you shuld take a claser look at this model.

When The Prototype of this Vehicle Appeared, Many Expressed Their Doubts ABOUT THE PRESERVATION OF THE SAME STYLISTICS AS PREVIUS MODELS. But Their Excitement Turned out to be in vain. The Machine Acquired Not Significant Changes, But Those that it Acquied – Changed the Appension for the Better.

Now ABOUT THE INTERNAL CHANGES, ABOUT WHICH A LOT of DATA WAS PRESENTEDED BY THE DeALER CHERI. The Salon Has Changed, of Course, for the Better (Replacing Plastic). The Acoustic System Has Also Undergone Changes. In Terms of Quality, The Changes are not Significant, But If You Compare the Top Models (With a Huge Goodic System), You Notice Small “Errors” in the Assembly (This, thefel.

Another Really Important Advantage of this Vehicle is that it is to significantly Transform Sound Insulation. ).

The Internet Space (More Precisly of Any Compartments and Shelves) COULD BE DONE MORE, BUT Not the Essence. BUT EVERYTHINGS VERY Good with The Trunk – Its Volume Is 483 Liters. By the way, you can make some changes. In Addition, Without Any Problems, The Audio System Can BE Installed.

Specifications. The Motor Is the Same, Respectively 2 Liters. Power- 150 Horsepower. There is A Complete Set, Both with An Automatic Gearbox, and with a Mechanical. The Initial Price with A Box of the Machine is 975 Thousand Rubles. Gasoline Consumption Will Be Approximatly 6 Liters. Thus, this Machine Has Very Good Chances to Be Popular in Oour Country! Undoubtedly, you must understand that the Purchase of this Car Should Be Made from An Official Representative in Get a Quality Product.

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